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"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you"

- B.B. King

Featured Questions 

fall 2021 

1.  Who is is the youngest All-Star Game MVP?
‚Äč      a.  Mike Trout                                                     
      b.  Whitey Ford

      c.  Willie Mays
      d.  Vladimir Guerroero Jr.

2.  Which closer has the most saves in a single season?
      a.  Mariano Rivera
      b.  Francisco Rodriguez
      c.  Edwin Diaz
      d.  Goose Gossage

3.  What team won the recent first ever Field of Dreams game?

     a.  New York Yankees

     b.  Seattle Mariners
     c.  Los Angeles Dodgers
     d.  Chicago White Sox

4.  Which team had the most walk-off wins in a single season?
      a.  1943 Yankees

      b.  1997 Marlins
      c.  1959 Pirates
      d.  1987 Twins

5.  Who had the longest streak of consecutive stolen bases without being thrown out?
      a.  Ricky Henderson

      b.  Vince Coleman
      c.  Whit Merrifield
      d.  Babe Ruth