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"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you"

- B.B. King

Featured Questions 

Winter 2021 

1.  Who won the 2020 National League Cy Young Award?
‚Äč      a.  Trevor Bauer                                                      
      b.  Jacob DeGrom
      c.  Yu Darvish
      d.  Shane Bieber

2.  Who won the 2020 American League MVP Award?
      a.  DJ LeMahieu
      b.  Francisco Lindor
      c.  Mike Trout
      d.  Jose Abreu

3.  Which team won the 2020 World Series?

     a.  Tampa Bay Rays
     b.  New York Yankees
     c.  Los Angeles Dodgers
     d.  Houston Astros

4.  Which team has never made it to the World Series?
      a.  Seattle Mariners

      b.  San Diego Padres
      c.  Baltimore Orioles
      d.  Detroit Tigers

5.  Who has the most career grand slams?
      a.  Jimmie Foxx
      b.  Alex Rodriguez
      c.  Lou Gehrig
      d.  Barry Bonds