For the Love of Baseball Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded by a student from Cortlandt Manor, New York. This student, who has had a passion for baseball since he was young, found that there was no one comprehensive site for baseball information and resources for people his age.  With the assistance of his family and friends, this student created For the Love of Baseball Inc. to help ensure that all children and young adults, who share a love of baseball, have the information and resources they need to pursue their passion for baseball regardless of their economic status.   They feel that by helping others they can contribute to making the world a better place.           

"We exist to encourage people to use whatever God-given passion, purpose or talent they have been given to make a difference and give back to others in need"

- Clayton Kershaw Challenge

Mission Statement

The mission of “For the Love of Baseball Inc.” is to provide consolidated information to children and young adults everywhere who have a passion for baseball. Learning will be enhanced through baseball trivia, book reviews and opinion pieces. There will also be a focus on providing necessary resources such as equipment and educational materials for low income children and young adults.

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Who We Are

for the love of  baseball

Vision Statement

 For the Love of Baseball Inc. will enable children and young adults to pursue their passion for baseball, both through learning and playing, regardless of their economic status.