Hendrick Hudson School District

Spring 2015 -Volunteers place 

additional equipment donated by Hendrick Hudson School District Families in the Let's Play it Forward collection box.     

Fall 2014 - Volunteers working on baseball equipment/book collection boxes to be placed in local schools and businesses.

"If you have the opportunity in life to make things better and you don't , you're wasting your time on earth" 

                                        - Roberto Clemente 


We would like to give a big THANK YOU to the following, individuals, schools, companies and organizations who have helped make our dream of this organization a reality:

Spring 2016 - Volunteers dropping off additional donated equipment at the "Let's Play it Forward" collection box in Somers. This organization has been so helpful in distributing the equipment we collect.  We want to also give a big thank you to the St. John's Baseball Players and Coaches for their personal donation of used baseball equipment.   

Hendrick Hudson School District

Winter 2020 - Donated baseball equipment to "Comeback Kids Sports" to distribute to children in need.

Fall 2014 - Volunteers place collected baseball equipment, donated by students and faculty from the Hendrick Hudson School District, in the "Let's Play it Forward" collection box to be distributed to less fortunate kids.

Hendrick Hudson School District

Summer 2018 - Dropping off last local equipment collection before heading off to University of Pittsburgh where I hope to set up some new collections. 

Spring 2018 - Additional equipment from generous families in the Hendrick Hudson School District.

Spring 2017 - The Hendrick Hudson School District Community has been so generous in helping us collect used equipment. Here I am with a carload of used baseball equipment to be donated. 

for the love of  baseball

Summer 2015 - The Ossining Baseball and Softball Organization donated a large box of used baseball and softball equipment.  Such a  great organization and community.  So glad I get the opportunity to play for them.