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​​​january 2019 Opinion piece

is the new deal between the MLB and Cuba going to be beneficial for cuban players?

This past week the MLB and Cuba struck a deal that would allow Cuban players to join an MLB organization straight form Cuba. Prior to this deal Cuban players would have to defect to another country before being eligible to sign with an MLB team. This would prevent Cuban players from having to be smuggled into another country which often lead to kidnappings and much worse for the players. This deal would make it much safer and easier for Cuban players to come to America to play in the MLB. The one problem facing this deal is the fact that the provisions set in place in the past few years that allow for easier movement from the US to Cuba are in danger of being rolled back. If this was to happen there would be a major roadblock in putting the deal between the MLB and Cuba into action. I believe that it is in the best interest of not Cuba but the US and the MLB to help this deal go through to help protect the Cuban players who are just trying to fulfill their dreams of playing professional baseball in the US.

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