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was the philadelphia phillies signing of bryce harper to a 13 year, $330 mission deal a smart move on their part?

The 2018-2019 offseason has been hyped up for the past few years for its free agent class and for good reason. Some of the free agents included stars Patrick Corbin, Dallas Keuhcel, Zack Britton, Nathan Eovaldi, Michael Brantley, Josh Donaldson, Nelson Cruz, and many more. None of these free agents had as much hype surrounding them as Manny Machado and Bryce Harper did. These are two of the biggest superstars in the game of baseball right now and were hitting free agency right as they were entering their mid to late 20’s, a baseball player’s prime. Everyone was wondering which player would sign first, and who would sign for the most money. The first person to end up signing was Manny Machado with the San Diego Padres for 10 years, $300 million. That left the big prize on the table as Bryce Harper. Many people suspected that he would break the record for the largest contract value of all time. However, no one knew when or where he was going to sign until it was announced that Harper signed with the Phillies for what did end up being the largest contract in professional sports history, shocking the baseball world. Now came the major concerns, did the Phillies overpay for Harper and did they sign him to too long of a contract? In my opinion I feel like the Phillies definitely did overpay for Harper but they were probably going to have to if they wanted to sign him so they did it in a very smart way. I personally feel as if Harper has always been overrated as he had a very good rookie year and had one of the best statistical hitting seasons in years in his MVP season in 2015 but outside of those two years his performance has been very underwhelming. Combine this with his lackluster defense and there leaves a lot to be desired from Harper. The thing is with his amazing potential the Phillies knew that they would have to overpay based on what he can do, not what he has done. The Phillies constructed this deal really well because by increasing the number of years they were able to keep a lower annual value than if they had offered him a shorter deal, which gives them more cap space in future years to sign more players. In conclusion, I believe that while the Phillies may have overpaid for Harper, they had no choice and the way they structured the deal was very smart.  Only time will tell if it will pay off.

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